I'm eating tuna for a snack right now

Oh hi! It turns out that this is still here! I always decide that I'm done with blog posting because it is stupid for me and so I eschew my blog with a firm hand, only to come crawling back to it a few weeks or months later, begging its forgiveness and promising to treat it better this time around.

Speaking of abusive Internet relationships? Today I was on Netflix, perusing the "view it now" options. I was getting totally excited, because it opened up kind of a whole new world of viewing possibilities to me, you know? Seventeen hours of online viewing per month! If I want to watch something, but all of my DVDs are in transit or already watched, I can just hop on over to the friendly Internet and coax a few hours of entertainment out of it! Well, it turns out. No. Netflix bitch-slapped me and then informed me that its platform requirements for online viewing were Windows XP or Vista, and ONLY Windows. Considering that my new(est) lover is a Mac, and I am currently eschewing Windows with a much firmer hand than the one I typically use to eschew Blogger, I was understandably upset. Netflix! Why would you do this to me? I love you so much, and I was beginning to love you even more, you DVD vixen, because of the new possibilities you had opened up to me! But you teased me and then you closed the door on my hand. Why, Netflix, why? Why is Mac not a worthy platform for your online viewing? WHY?

I have been lazily clicking links to Etsy lately and it really makes me want to make gifts for everyone I know this year for Christmas. Actually, it makes my creativity bone (doesn't that sound dirty?) itch in general. I want to get out some patterns and fabric and sew some stuff to wear. Then I want to knit some scarves for people I know. Then I want to paint and mat pictures to give to my sisters. Then I want to take pictures to give to other people. I just want to MAKE MAKE MAKE stuff so hard right now. I love being an art major, but it kind of sucks sometimes because I feel like all my creative energy is sucked up by school assignments, leaving none left over for fun projects. All I want to do right now is make stuff, but I have several more hours to be at work, and my brain remains on the couch, eating nachos.

Although, last Friday I shot the pictures for my final project and I am SO excited about it. I got people drunk and took them to school in the middle of the night and made them take off their shirts. It was kind of hot and awesome, and by kind of, I mean TOTALLY. I've never been this excited about a project. I want to post pictures here, but I've been too much of a lazy whore to sift through them, edit them, and put them on Flickr.

The moral of the story? I want to watch stuff and also make stuff. Preferably at the same time!

P.S. This makes me pee in my pants: