So! In the exciting thrill ride that is my health, I had a CAT scan last week and then paid a little visit to my friend the ENT, who informed me that my lymph nodes are, in fact, swollen! And so are my tonsils, and also some of my throat tissue! So I'm not sure why, exactly, I had a CAT scan, if it was only going to tell us what we already know, but my ENT informs me that I should probably do a biopsy. A nice surgical biopsy, that I have to take an entire day off work for and be put under anesthesia and probably have a nice chunky scar left on my neck from the removal of a LYMPH NODE. He says it's probably nothing serious but it could be! So we better check! I still have to have an ultrasound on my thyroid and a follow-up with the endocrinologist, both of which are the week after next, and then after that? IT'S PARTY TIME, LYMPH NODES. One of you guys is going home. Which one will it be? Find out soon!

Lately it's like Survivor around here, only with body parts. The nodes saw what happened to the appendix and they should have been scared, but were they? No! They shamelessly swelled and forced me to take drastic measures AGAIN. You should have known, you guys! Nothing is safe living inside me!


Gena said...

If I weren't so incredibly freaked out and didn't love you so much, I would find this funny. In fact, it cracked me up... then I cried a little bit.

I love you. I can't wait for all the quality time we'll have together.

Mairead said...

Just a comment to say that I read and visit almost all the blogs and websites on your instead of productivity list. ESPECIALLY DOOCE. And Etsy. And the others are obvious.
Yeah, we really need to talk more. BLAME MY CAT for why I'm always on away.