The Office

Dude I work with had been wearing headphones all day when suddenly he decided to unplug them and treat us all to his musical selection. I hear (loudly) the strains of the "Rocky" theme, and then whatever the fuck that song is that is all, "Aruba, Jamaica, oooh I wanna take ya..." etc, etc. After these two songs, the music stops. The first thought that hits my head is GOD BAD TASTE IN MUSIC. SO BAD CANNOT FUNCTION. The next thought is envisioning those two songs playing back to back to back, over and over, in his headphones, all day, and him thinking, man! These songs are so great, I think I really must unplug my headphones and let them each play just once so that everyone else may enjoy them as well. Then I can go back to listening to them over and over, just these two awesome songs, and feel good about myself for inspiring the joy of music in my office mates this fine day! These two songs are the best ever, I don't even know why any other songs were even invented!

Later in the afternoon the speakers came back on, playing the Aruba song again. I fell to my knees and heartily thanked God for giving me my iPod. The end.

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Gena said...

I have a couple of points I need to make here in this comment (and possibly a couple of questions that need to be asked as well):

(a) I actually LIKE the Beach Boys, but not the Aruba, Jamaica song so much. It gets old really fast.

(b) The Rocky theme? Honestly. How old is this guy?

(c) What makes someone in your office think that anyone else in your office would actually enjoy listening to their choice of music?

(d) You might need to rethink your place of employment.

(e) Ever thought about working in the Apple store?

(f) Does this comment remind you of school?

(g) It reminds me of school.

(h) You are coming home on Tuesday.

(i) I. LOVE. THAT.

(j) Think I can make it to z?

(k) Possibly.

(l) So, what's new with you?

(m) Not much here.

(n) Did you know that I went to Opryland?

(o) Yeah, it was beautiful. You need to go.

(p) Is your office anything like the actual Office on television?

(q) I didn't think so.

(r) I still haven't put the stuff you told me to on my Netflix queue.

(s) My fingernails are really long - I need to cut them.

(t) I cannot believe that Emily doesn't like the Beatles. WHO doesn't like the Beatles? Honestly...

(u) What in the hell am I going to get Kyle for Christmas?

(v) I have many presents for you!

(w) "W" is the first letter in your name. I love your name... but not as much as I love you!

(x) Xylophone.

(y) I miss you. Can you tell? I would play this stupid game with you if you were here in person.

(z) I made it. Finally. Wow, I really need to get a life and find something better to do than read blogs.